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Dr. Stephens Speaks

Jan 22, 2020

Sam Chaneles is an accomplished backpacker and mountaineer, as well as a Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. 

He got his start backpacking in Alaska and has been trekking ever since, hopping around the globe for adventures! He has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, the Colorado 14ers, Mt. Chimborazo, and taken part in a 40-day backpacking trip.

You can only control so much of your life. You can't control people liking you, some aspects of your job, and a lot of other things. But you can always control the way you train your body and what you put it through because only you are ultimately responsible for that.

And this is something Sam Chaneles is well aware of. He joins Dr. Chad Stephens to talk about his sport & athlete adventures that include mountaineering & going on a 40-day backpacking trip, his diet, and why he identifies himself as an outdoor athlete.